For most students, learning algebra is HARD.


Because it's like climbing a mountain, and most students are not rock climbers. They need a trail. And, until now, there has been no trail up Algebra Mountain.

Student group For the past century, these students have... Because they are like...
10% Math-smart students Succeeded learning algebra; doors are open to STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). “Rock climbers” who climb up Algebra Mountain.
80% Most students Failed to learn algebra and instead learned to fear or hate math; doors to STEM careers are CLOSED. “Hikers” who need a good trail up Algebra Mountain. But, until now, there was NO trail.
10% Low IQ students Not taken algebra. These students should not take algebra due to intellectual disabilities.

Algebra Victory is an awesome TRAIL up Algebra Mountain.

The 80% majority of students can succeed with AlgebraVictory. They must take a long hike through 98 online lessons, but they can definitely make it to the top of the Mountain. As they make this amazing journey, the doors to STEM will open for them. But it goes way beyond STEM: when students actually learn algebra, their intellects deepen, they develop stronger rational thinking skills, and their self-confidence increases—all of which matter for life in general.

Video production of the Algebra Victory online lessons is now in progress.

Online students worldwide will learn algebra via the best system ever created to teach it. AlgebraVictory opens the door to the Middle 80% and enriches the learning experience of the Math-Smart 10%. Highly acclaimed teacher and tutor Mark Emerson is teaching 98 masterfully crafted algebra lessons to 13-year-old studio student, Isabella. Online students will learn algebra by watching Isabella learn.

Mark Emerson is a genuine authority on math education. According to Chuck Young, former student and current AlgebraVictory team member:

"Mark Emerson is the best math teacher in America."

Mark responds: "I don’t know if what Chuck says is true, but I do know this: If your child can pass this Prerequisite Quiz in whole-number arithmetic and elementary English grammar, then I can definitely teach him or her to understand first-year algebra and do all the problems on this Final Exam, which is intimidating to most adults today. I have taught and tutored algebra to students across a wide range of ability and intelligence levels. The smart ones can go faster and deeper. But I've never had a student who was unable to learn algebra from me."

On the "Parents & Students" page of this website, you can read more than 80 superlative comments from Mark's former students and their parents (click here to jump to the comments).

Isabella and Mark

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  • For more than a century, 80% of students have been unable to learn algebra. This is commonly called the Math Education Crisis.
  • Learn the three underlying causes of the Math Education Crisis.
  • Learn how billions of dollars have been squandered to resolve the Crisis, but to no avail. Why? Because educators did not understand its underlying causes (much less how to resolve them).
  • Learn about the "pre-algebra" debacle, which has failed for 50 years to resolve the Crisis. "Pre-algebra" is a waste of student time and taxpayor money.
  • Learn how the Common Core Algebra One Math Standard ("CCA1MS"—now adopted by law in 41 U.S. states) has made the Math Education Crisis WORSE, greatly frustrating math teachers nationwide.
  • Learn why AlgebraVictory will finally resolve the Crisis AND save years of student (and parent) time.
  • Learn how AlgebraVictory will overcome the obstacles that education officials imposed with CCA1MS and thereby fully comply with that standard.
  • CCA1MS compliance will open the door to (a) credit transferrability to schools and univerisites; (b) government contracts for use of AlgebraVictory in classrooms nationwide.
  • Later versions of AlgebraVictory will train and empower classroom teachers to teach the 80% majority to do algebra in compliance with CCA1MS.
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  • AlgebraVictory is not yet available. Version 1 is scheduled to be launched for online students in early 2021.
  • Learn how AlgebraVictory works.
  • Watch some sample videos of Mark teaching Isabella.
  • Learn about the course content, which is both holistic and filled with wonderment that students love.
  • Check out a sample Prerequisite Quiz AND a sample Final Exam.
  • Learn howAlgebraVictory eliminates "pre-algebra". Any student who can pass the Prerequisite Quiz is ready to start AlgebraVictory.
  • Learn how CCA1MS (stupidly) swapped a significant amount of material between Algebra One and Algebra Two, and also heaped a bunch of other stuff into Algebra One that doesn't belong there. Students need to master Basic Algebra first, before facing this other stuff.
  • Learn how AlgebraVictory brilliantly untangles the mess created by CCA1MS, resulting in 100% CCA1MS compliance.
  • Read LOTS of comments from Mark's former students and their parents.
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  • Why? Because there is NO competition that effectively teaches the Middle 80%! And because AlgebraVictory is a far superior choice for the Math-Smart 10%.
  • The Covid-19 situation and vaccine requirements will significantly expand the AlgebraVictory homeschool opportunity.
  • With CCA1MS compliance, as we expand beyond homeschool to the vastly larger school and college market, and also into international markets, the AlgebraVictory opportunity will grow exponentially.
  • Learn about our competitors and their extreme vulnerability.
  • Learn the AlgebraVictory story, which began 54 years ago in 1966.
  • Meet our team of seven: Mark, Chuck, Jonathan, Roger, Carlos, Terri and Isabella.
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