AlgebraVictory is the best algebra course in the world.  BY FAR!

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Longstanding Problem:  The Middle 80% of students fail to learn algebra. This has defied solution for more than a century. Educators call it the “Math Education Crisis.” It’s deep. It requires a deep solution.

Unprecedented Solution: AlgebraVictory is an online system that will successfully teach the Middle 80% to do algebra. And the Math-Smart 10% will LOVE AlgebraVictory. The market for this solution is vast and global.

We are initially focusing on homeschoolers—parents want a REAL solution.

AlgebraVictory will launch in October 2022.

For most students, learning algebra is HARD.


Because it's like climbing a mountain. Only the Math-Smart 10% of students can climb up Algebra Mountain. The Middle 80% of students (i.e. most students) are NOT rock climbers.They are hikers who need a trail.

Until now, there has been no trail up Algebra Mountain.

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Generally speaking, there are three groups of students…

The Math‑smart 10%

These students succeed at learning algebra; doors are open to STEM careers

(Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

They are like “rock climbers” who climb up Algebra Mountain.

The Middle 80%

These students fail to learn algebra and instead learn to fear and/or hate math; doors to STEM careers are CLOSED.

They are like “hikers” who need a good trail up Algebra Mountain. But, until now, there was NO trail.

The Low‑IQ 10%

These students should not take algebra due to intellectual disabilities.

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Algebra Victory is an awesome TRAIL up Algebra Mountain.

The Middle 80% of students (i.e. the vast majority) can succeed with AlgebraVictory. They must take a long hike through many online lessons, and they must work hard, but they can definitely make it to the top of the Mountain.

As they make this amazing journey, the doors to STEM will open for them. But it goes way beyond STEM: when students actually learn the algebra, their intellects deepen, they develop stronger rational thinking skills, and their self-confidence increases—all of which matter for life in general.

On top of that, God is in the math, and the awesome way Mark teaches algebra enables many (although not all) students to sense the divine connection—students LOVE this! However, Mark does NOT talk about "God" or religion in AlgebraVictory.

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Mark Emerson is a genuine authority on math education. According to Chuck Young, former student and current AlgebraVictory advisor:

"Mark Emerson is the best math teacher in America."

Mark responds: "I don’t know if what Chuck says is true, but I do know this: If your child can pass our Prerequisite Quiz in whole-number arithmetic and elementary English grammar, then I can definitely teach him or her to understand first-year algebra and do all the problems on the Final Exam, which is intimidating to most adults today. I have taught and tutored algebra to students across a wide range of ability and intelligence levels. The smart ones can go faster and deeper. But I've never had a student who was unable to learn algebra from me."


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