Algebra education is a

Do YOU know anyone who had difficulty with algebra?

The market potential for a product that successfully teaches average students to do algebra is VAST—NO existing product can do this, and classroom teachers who can do it are extremely RARE.

AlgebraVictory! will launch in Mid-2022 as a paid, online, first-year algebra course. It will be the best algebra course in the world—BY FAR.


Invest today to help us make AlgebraVictory! a mega-success.

The minimum investment is $450.

Projected investment returns by 2025
(based on the homeschool market alone)


your investment amount—that’s a



It means a $450 minimum investment today would yield a whopping


by 2025.

And after 2025, the returns will keep pouring in.

The Round One investment offering (“Offering”) is made by Educational Empowerment Corporation (“EEC”), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, in conjunction with The Legacy of the Angels (“LOTA”), a nondenominational spiritual organization. This entire website constitutes the Prospectus. Your investment is tax-deductible. Returns on your investment will be paid as GRANTS either to your own nonprofit (that you create/control and that may pay you for your services and related expenses), or to another nonprofit that you designate. The Offering, which is financially described here and here, and legally described here with investment risks and cautions: (a) does NOT involve any “security” pursuant to federal or state securities laws; (b) is VOID in Illinois; (c) is made exclusively to members of LOTA—membership is free, but you must join before investing (and you may join for free without investing), and (d) provides NO “exit strategy.”

Algebra MountainFor most students,
learning algebra is HARD.


Because it’s like climbing a mountain. Only the Math-Smart 10% of students can climb up Algebra Mountain. The Middle 80% of students (i.e. most students) are NOT rock climbers. They are hikers who need a trail.

Until now, there has been no trail up Algebra Mountain.

Generally speaking, there are three groups of students…

The Math‑smart 10%

These students succeed at learning algebra; doors are open to STEM careers

(Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

They are like “Rock climbers” who climb up Algebra Mountain.

The Middle 80%

These students fail to learn algebra and instead learn to fear and/or hate math; doors to STEM careers are CLOSED.

They are like “Hikers” who need a good trail up Algebra Mountain. But, until now, there was NO trail.

The Low‑IQ 10%

These students should not take algebra due to intellectual disabilities.

The solution for the Middle 80% is AlgebraVictory! because…

AlgebraVictory! is an awesome TRAIL up Algebra Mountain.

The Middle 80% of students (i.e. the vast majority) can succeed with AlgebraVictory! They must take a long hike through many online lessons, and they must work hard, but they can definitely make it to the top of the Mountain.

As they make this amazing journey, the doors to STEM will open for them. But it goes way beyond STEM: when students ACTUALLY LEARN the algebra, their intellects deepen, they develop stronger rational thinking skills, and their self-confidence increases—all of which matter FOR LIFE IN GENERAL!

On top of that, God is in the math, and the awesome way Mark teaches algebra enables many (although not all) students to sense the divine connection. Students LOVE this!

The following video is entitled Introduction to AlgebraVictory for Students and Their Parents. In it, Mark explains the primary and secondary purposes of AlgebraVictory. Entry into the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is merely the secondary purpose. Watch the video to learn the primary purpose, which is important for everyone (not just STEM people).

Video production of the AlgebraVictory! online lessons is now in progress.

Online students worldwide will learn algebra via the best system ever created to teach it. AlgebraVictory! opens the door to the Middle 80% and enriches the learning experience of the Math-Smart 10%. Highly acclaimed teacher and tutor Mark Emerson is teaching 75 masterfully crafted algebra lessons to future students, who will learn algebra by watching the videos online and doing problems presented online.

We anticipate launching AlgebraVictory! in Mid-2022. Currently, this website is for investors. When we launch, it will transform into a production website, where parents enroll their kids, and students do their lessons.

Mark Emerson is a genuine authority on math education.

Mark Emerson is the best math teacher in America.

Chuck Young

Former student

Mark Emerson
– Creator of AlgebraVictory!

“I don’t know if what Chuck says is true, but I do know this: If your child can pass this Prerequisite Quiz in whole-number arithmetic and elementary English grammar, then I can definitely teach him or her to understand first-year algebra and do all the problems on this Final Exam, which is intimidating to most adults today. I have taught and tutored algebra to students across a wide range of ability and intelligence levels. The smarter ones can go faster and deeper. But I’ve never had a student who was unable to learn algebra from me.”

Read more than 80 superlative comments from Mark’s former students and their parents here.

Big Problem:

Kids in the Middle 80% don’t learn algebra. This is called the “Math Education Crisis.”

Big Solution:

AlgebraVictory! Trail

Learn the three underlying causes of the Crisis.

Learn how billions have been squandered to resolve it—by educators who did not understand its underlying causes (much less how to fix it).

Learn about the “pre-algebra” debacle, which has failed for 50 years to resolve the Crisis. AlgebraVictory! eliminates “pre-algebra.”

Learn how the Common Core Algebra One Math Standard (“CCA1MS”) has made the Math Education Crisis WORSE.

Mark Emerson and the AlgebraVictory! team REJECT CCA1MS as the product of corruption and evil. We seek to improve algebra education, whereas CCA1MS does the opposite and should be abolished.

Learn why AlgebraVictory! Trail will finally resolve the Crisis AND save years of student (and parent) time.

The Course:

Sample video
Course content
Teaching philosophy
Comments from students
Best-in-world pedagogy

AlgebraVictory! version 1 is anticipated to be launched in Mid-2022.

Learn how AlgebraVictory! works.
Watch a sample video of Mark teaching a lesson.

Learn about the course content, which is both holistic and filled with wonderment that students love.

Check out a sample Prerequisite Quiz AND a sample Final Exam.

Read LOTS of comments from Mark’s former students and their parents.

Learn how you can help us beta test AlgebraVictory! before it is launched.

Business Plan:

Round One Investment Offering
Story & team
Dominating the market
Financial projection
Legal & cautions

Learn how we will initially focus on the homeschool market, where the potential for AlgebraVictory! is $470 million.

AlgebraVictory! is anticipated to DOMINATE that market.

Why? Because there is NO competition that effectively teaches the Middle 80%! And because AlgebraVictory! is a far superior choice for the Math-Smart 10%.

Learn about our competitors and their vulnerabilities.

Learn the AlgebraVictory! story, which began 56 years ago in 1966.

Study the financial and legal details of the Offering.

Help us make AlgebraVictory!
a mega-success.