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Summary of Investment Offering:*

The Offering is made exclusively by means of the Prospectus, which consists of this entire website.

The Offering constitutes Round 1 of AlgebraVictory! funding.

Round 1 will end when $50,000 has been received.

The details of Round 2 and the operational plans from there to the AlgebraVictory launch are confidential.

Get in NOW during Round 1 at it’s low price and its 28X projected grant yields!

Round 1…-

Offering Amount $50,000
Hearts Offered** 10,000 Hearts
Minimum Investment $450
Price $5.00 per Heart
Projected Cumulative Grant Yield thru 2025 for Round 1 Investors 28X your investment (2800%)***


Offering Amount Confidential
Hearts Offered** Confidential
Price (not yet finalized) Many times higher than the Round 1 price
Projected Cumulative Grant Payouts thru 2025 for Round 2 Investors Confidential

Both ROUNDS 1 & 2

Tax Consequences for Investor Investments in hearts constitute donations to EEC and are tax-deductible to the investor.*
Tax Consequences for Investor’s designated nonprofit Grants received on hearts are tax-free to the nonprofit recipient.
Exit Strategy None. Long-term investments only.
Hearts can be transferred but not sold.

The Offering is made exclusively to members of The Legacy of the Angels (“LOTA”), a nondenominational spiritual organization.

LOTA membership is free, but you must join before investing. (And you may join LOTA for free without investing.)

*The Offering is by Educational Empowerment Corporation (“EEC”) in conjunction with LOTA (defined above). EEC is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization that relies on the exception at 26 U.S.C. 508(c)(1)(A) from the requirement of IRS determination of its tax-exempt status. The Offering is VOID in Illinois. EEC reserves the right to decline any investment, from any person for any reason, by returning, refunding or refusing to accept payment of the investment.

**Hearts are NOT a “security.” Hearts are a unique, non-profit-sector investment instrument.

Most high-tech startups solve (or attempt to solve) problems that people scarcely knew existed.

Before Amazon, did you have a “problem” shopping in retail stores?

Before AirBnB, did you have a “problem” staying in a hotel or motel?

It is RARE to find a business and investment opportunity to solve an important, pervasive, WIDELY KNOWN problem that, FOR MORE THAN A CENTURY:

(a) has frustrated and adversely impacted a large swath of the population, and

(b) has defied solution despite BILLIONS of dollars being spent in failed attempts to solve it!

AlgebraVictory! is that rare opportunity.

The widely known problem AlgebraVictory! solves is the Math Education Crisis, to wit: the Middle 80% don’t learn algebra. Over the past century, tens of millions of average students have had BAD EXPERIENCES in algebra classes, and BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars have been spent trying to solve this problem, to no avail. The “pre-algebra” debacle is an epic educational failure. And now Common Core has made the problem even WORSE.

Would YOU like to invest in a genuine solution to this massive, longstanding problem?

Additionally, our unique, patent-pending, nonprofit-based hearts investment system solves major business and ethical problems that extremely FEW people know exist. First, it eliminates legal obstacles (arising from the 1933 Securities Act) that have long blocked worthy entrepreneurs from raising funds publicly (changes in that law to accommodate “equity crowd funding” lessoned but did not entirely solve this problem). Second, it eliminates the pressure (arising from the 1934 Securities Exchange Act) on companies that manage become mega-successful to eventually be owned (or controlled) unethically by monstrously evil, obscenely rich people connected with the DC “swamp.”

AlgebraVictory! is anticipated to be a huge success that will be the first step in REDEFINING mathematics education worldwide. GeometryPower will then follow, as well as more advanced mathematics courses, including Logic, Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry on the Real Numbers, and Calculus.

Right now, YOU have an opportunity to get in on the ground floor at the Round 1 price of $5.00 per heart, with projected returns of 2800% by 2025

This page presents our AlgebraVictory! Business Plan.

It is organized into four sections, each with its own colors:



The Story:

The AlgebraVictory! Story



The Market:

Market Potential



The Competition:

10 Competing Online Algebra Products



The Money:

Revenue Splitting Model, Marketing and Finances



Legal Notice:

Legal Analysis and Investor Cautions

The AlgebraVictory! Story

The AlgebraVictory! story spans more than 50 years and is told in three parts:

  • Part One (1966–1993): Mark developed highly successful algebra teaching and tutoring methodologies, and he attempted to create a software system to teach algebra. However, he needed a database technology that did not yet exist.
  • Part Two (1994–2019): Mark worked on such a database technology called AngelBase and also on other projects. He was mostly inactive on algebra.
  • Part Three (2019–2021): Based on recent technology developments (separate from AngelBase), Mark commenced work in earnest on the online AlgebraVictory! system (he is temporarily inactive on AngelBase).


Market Potential

Our flagship product will be AlgebraVictory! Traditional Algebra One, and our primary initial market will be homeschoolers in the U.S. and in other English speaking nations.

There are currently about 4.5 million homeschoolers in the U.S. in grades K–12. Because AlgebraVictory! includes Advanced Arithmetic and eliminates “pre-algebra,” parents of approximately half of these kids (ages 9–15) will potentially be interested in enrolling them. Assuming an average initial price of $200, AlgebraVictory!’s initial U.S. homeschool market potential is about $450 million.

In eight English-first foreign nations (Canada, U.K., Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, India and South Africa—“8EOFN”), there are about 335,000 homeschoolers. AlgebraVictory!’s initial homeschool market potential in 8EOFN is about $20 million.



Competing products in the online algebra-one course space fall into three categories (print textbooks are excluded):

Category 1. Online self-study courses. The student takes fully-automated lessons or entire courses online. No live teacher is involved. AlgebraVictory! will be in this category.

Category 2. Online academy courses. A class of geographically diverse students are instructed live over the Internet by a teacher. Credit is typically offered via some accrediting organization.

Category 3. Online tools for classroom use. These are online support tools for use by classroom teachers that are typically sold ONLY to schools and are not available to homeschoolers.

Ten competitors have thus far been identified and analyzed (click the “Go Deep” button to see our analyses):

  1. Apex Learning
  2. Accelerate Education
  3. Edumentum
  4. Glynlyon Teaching Technology (Odysseyware and Alpha Omega Publications)
  6. Khan Academy (Salman Khan)
  7. CTC Math (Pat Murray)
  8. Krista King on Udemy
  9. HSLDA Academy
  10. Math without Borders (David Chandler)—our strongest competitor
NONE of these competitors presents a two-camera view that shows the teacher’s face, hands and body language, together with what he/she is writing. NONE of them has a live student visible on the screen, who is engaged in the learning process. According to one reviewer, “Mark’s videos are easily an order of magnitude better than these competing algebra teaching products.”

Revenue Splitting Model, Marketing & Finances

As a nonprofit, EEC has adopted a sophisticated Revenue Splitting Model based on its gross revenues from sales of AlgebraVictory! and other educational products. The following diagram shows how it works. Click “Go Deep” to see a larger view of the diagram with a detailed explanation.

Our network marketing system is explained in detail. It is based on a diminishing geometric series.

A financial projection is presented. Based on reasonable enrollment targets for each year, cumulative grants of 28 TIMES your Round 1 investment are projected through 2025

Legal Analysis & Investor Cautions

EEC is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization pursuant to 26 USC 501(c)(3) that, because of religious/spiritual exemptions, is NOT required to obtain IRS for determination of its tax-exempt status.

Hearts are not “securities” and hence are not subject to federal or state securities regulation. This is because (among other reasons) investment returns are are paid as GRANTS to another nonprofit entity.

The Offering is instead regulated by charitable solicitation laws, which exist in most states, but EEC relies on exemptions from registration and reporting under those laws.

As an investor, you are responsible for either (a) creating and operating the nonprofit entity that will receive the grants paid on your hearts; or (b) designating another nonprofit to receive them. But the nonprofit must satisfy several requirements that are set forth on the ‘Go Deep’ page.


Help us make AlgebraVictory!
a mega-success.