Big Problem:

Kids in the Middle 80% don’t learn algebra.
This is called the “Math Education Crisis.”

Big Solution:



AlgebraVictory! Trail

The most famous unsolved problem in mathematics was to prove (or disprove) Fermat’s Last Theorem.

Remarkably, it’s easy for Algebra One students to understand what Fermat’s Last Theorem says. But is it true? Or false? Fermat defied solution for 358 years! Some of the greatest mathematicians in history tried to solve it but failed. It was finally solved in 1995 by Andrew Wiles—as it turns out, Fermat’s Last Theorem is TRUE. Wiles got some help from his student Richard Taylor.

The most famous unsolved problem in mathematics EDUCATION is the Math Education Crisis—the Middle 80% can’t do algebra.

This is a BIG problem that has defied solution for more than 100 years. Thousands of educators have tried to solve it but failed. We need YOUR help to complete the solution, which is

AlgebraVictory! Trail

Widespread adoption of AlgebraVictory! will


the Math Education Crisis.

The Middle 80% will finally 

Learn Algebra

by hiking up the trail!

We need YOUR help to complete AlgebraVictory! and deliver it to students worldwide. 

Your investment will benefit millions of kids AND create a large flow of grant funds to your own nonprofit or the nonprofit of your choice.

So… let’s take a careful look at the Math Education Crisis…

The following sections are organized into five, closely-related topics, each with its own colors:




Algebra rests on Advanced Arithmetic, which rests on Basic Arithmetic.



Algebra Mountain:

Three things make learning algebra hard.



No Trail: 

Lack of a trail up Algebra Mountain prevents the Middle 80% from learning algebra.



Establishment Resistance: 

The educational establishment resists genuine improvement.



Common Core: 

The Common Core Algebra One Math Standard makes the Crisis WORSE!


Arithmetic has two parts:

  • Basic Arithmetic: Counting, reading and writing whole numbers, understanding what the places mean (ones, tens, hundreds, etc.), and doing the four operations on them (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).
  • Advanced Arithmetic: Fractions and decimals, including doing the same four operations on them.

Students typically spend several years learning Basic Arithmetic, and then several more years learning Advanced Arithmetic. Before 1970, students then enrolled in Algebra One. Beginning around 1970, educators inserted a course called “pre-algebra.”

AlgebraVictory! eliminates any need for “pre-algebra.” On top of that, AlgebraVictory! includes Advanced Arithmetic. This means students who master BASIC Arithmetic (perhaps by age 9) can begin AlgebraVictory! immediately!

Algebra Mountain

When students graduate from arithmetic to algebra, they get hit with an intellectual Triple Whammy:

  • Whammy A: a quantum leap in the QUANTITY of intellectual material they must learn.
  • Whammy B: a quantum leap in the SPEED at which they must learn.
  • Whammy C: ABSTRACTION—unlike arithmetic, algebra problems contain letters like “x.”

“Algebra Mountain” is a perfect metaphor for this Triple Whammy.

No Trail

Over the past half-century, the educational establishment has expended enormous sums of money in an attempt to resolve the Math Education Crisis, but to no avail.

  • The educational establishment controls all public schools and most private schools.
  • Dedicated teachers do generally succeed at teaching the Math-Smart 10% to climb up Algebra Mountain. But the Middle 80% languish—they just can’t climb!
  • In the 1970s, educators tried to resolve the Crisis by injecting “pre-algebra” into the curriculum. It didn’t work. For 50 years, it has been an epic educational failure.
  • There is NO NEED for “pre-algebra.” It’s a waste of time.
What is needed to resolve the Math Education Crisis is a powerful and sophisticated pedagogical TRAIL up Algebra Mountain. AlgebraVictory! is that trail.
Establishment Resistance

The educational establishment resists meaningful improvement, and instead introduces ineffective, so-called “educational solutions” (usually at substantial taxpayer cost and often to the detriment of students).

  • Rather than embracing extraordinary new methods that work stunningly well, the establishment tends to perceive them as a “threat” to their status quo.
  • In reality, it’s less about education, and more about power, politics, egos and money.
  • Can we gently persuade those in power to embrace a vastly superior way to teach algebra that will resolve the Crisis? We’re optimistic, but it’s going to take time.
  • In the meantime, our initial target market for AlgebraVictory! will be millions of homeschoolers, who have opted OUT of the educational establishment.
Later versions of AlgebraVictory! will provide online tools and training to math teachers to teach algebra in their classrooms.
Common Core

The Common Core Algebra One Math Standard (“CCA1MS”) has now been adopted by law in 41 U.S. states by legislators who were CLUELESS about how to teach algebra. CCA1MS makes the Crisis WORSE because it increases the height of Algebra Mountain by about 50%! How? By injecting into traditional Algebra One a large amount of additional content from more advanced courses:

  • Algebra TWO
  • Chemistry and Physics
  • Trigonometry
  • Statistics

We REJECT the CCA1MS as the product of corruption within the educational establishment. We seek to improve algebra education, whereas CCA1MS does the opposite and should therefore be abolished. Common Core is one among many reasons that parents have been steadily removing their children from public (and private) schools over the past decade. But today homeschooling is exploding, driving by mask and vaccine mandates and the teaching of “critical race theory.” Homeschool parents and their kids will LOVE AlgebraVictory! And no, math is NOT “racist” for God’s sake!

AlgebraVictory! will end the Math Education Crisis.

Mark will teach online students through the AlgebraVictory! website, including hundreds of videos. Obviously, online students will not get to learn from Mark in person. However, his teaching will be available to students anywhere, at any time, and other math teachers can study and learn his teaching methods, including after he passes on from this lifetime (AlgebraVictory! is part of his intended legacy).

Moreover, Mark believes that he can deliver online teaching that is superior in some ways to what he can deliver in person.

Help us make AlgebraVictory!
a mega-success.