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The EDUCATION problem is that average students can’t solve ALGEBRA problems.

TEACHING the Middle 80% to do algebra requires VASTLY more knowledge and skill than just DOING the algebra! This is why people who can do algebra can’t teach it to average kids!

AlgebraVictory! solves the education problem with a Trail that empowers the Middle 80% to solve algebra problems.

Mark Emerson spent DECADES developing a sophisticated, best-in-world pedagogy to SUCCESSFULLY teach the Middle 80% to do algebra. Our team is incorporating it into AlgebraVictory! Trail

We need YOUR help to complete AlgebraVictory! and deliver it to students nationwide and worldwide!

So… let’s take a careful look at AlgebraVictory! and its Trail…

The following is organized into five sections, each with its own colors:




How AlgebraVictory! Works

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Course Content:

Algebra Content & Teaching Philosophy




Comments from Students and Parents




Best-in-World Algebra Pedagogy



Beta Testing: 

Become an AlgebraVictory! Beta-Tester

AlgebraVictory! Products & How  They  Work

Prerequisite Quiz

Before enrolling in AlgebraVictory!, students must pass a quiz in Basic Arithmetic and elementary English grammar. A sample Prerequisite Quiz appears on the ‘Go Deep’ page.

Lesson structure and how online students will learn from Mark

Each lesson consists of video lectures and problem sets:

  • Video Lectures: Online students will watch Mark teach algebra to them. Each lesson is divided into several “Topics,” presented in separate videos. Watch a sample Topic lecture on the  ‘Go Deep’ page.
  • Problem Sets: After a topic lecture, the online student does a few problems for that topic. After the last topic in a lesson, the student does a longer group of problems. Version 1 of AlgebraVictory! will have a simplified approach to assisting students who need help with a problem. Later versions will implement, in software and an expert database, Mark’s profound expertise tutoring algebra.
  • Exams: Along the way, students take 18 quizzes, 5 tests, and a final exam.
  • Parental Monitoring: The system will report the student’s daily progress to parents (or other responsible adult).

Patent-pending video configuration has two major advantages.

In the AlgebraVictory! video lessons, two cameras are used so that online students can see Mark’s face and body language (from the front camera), and also see what he is writing (from the top camera). This video configuration was invented by Mark, and we have a patent pending on it. NO competing product does this!

and Watch a Sample Video

Algebra Content  &  Teaching  Philosophy

Course content

The quickest way to grasp the AlgebraVictory! course content is to look at a sample final exam. A sample AVT Final Exam appears on the ‘Go Deep’ page.

The course is presented in six chapters that collectively include all of traditional first-year algebra, plus other topics (such as syntax diagramming) that Mark has found help students better understand the algebra. Chapters 1–6 and their topics are listed on the ‘Go Deep’ page.

Teaching Philosophy

  • Holism: AlgebraVictory! is taught holistically. Students learn a complex diversity of concepts, facts, and skills, yet, at the same time, they learn how it all fits beautifully together into a unified whole that they can hold in the palm of their right hand.
  • Cumulative Learning: Students are required to maintain and build on the skills they learn throughout the course. Each test (but not each quiz) has problems from all parts of the course up to that point.
  • Mechanical Problem Solving Only: AlgebraVictory! problems ONLY require the student to mechanically apply concepts, facts, and skills that have already been taught (Creative problem-solving will taught beginning in GeometryPower).
  • Magic: Mark will explain many amazing, seemingly magical concepts and facts as students just sit back and listen. He wants them to wonder about these things, be amazed by them, and to touch this magic with their left hand.
  • 80% Plus 10%: AlgebraVictory! provides a learning trail up Algebra Mountain that enables the Middle 80% to master the subject. But the Math-Smart 10% also love the learning trail!

Comments from
Students & Parents

The following comments are from algebra and geometry classes Mark taught in private-school programs he created.

“Amazingly well taught. I understood Mark better than ANY other teacher I’ve had in ANY class.”
—Alex C., Algebra 1 student

“Mark teaches very clearly, and with total commitment to the progress of each student.”
—Bill E., Geometry student

“I thank God I took the class. Indirectly, it has probably changed my whole life.”
—Laurie K., Algebra 1 student

“Mr. Emerson’s professional ability, as well as his compassion for his students, make him a first-rate educator. Anyone who enlists his services will, without a doubt, grow on an intellectual level above and beyond what they had expected.”
—Michael T., parent

Best-in-World Algebra Pedagogy

Mark is a world-class expert in algebra pedagogy.

Pedagogy means the science and art of teaching a subject. For algebra, that includes structuring the curriculum; designing highly effective lesson plans; creating the problem sets students must work through, including their sequence; delivering inspiring, crystal-clear lectures; creating an atmosphere where students feel relaxed and confident; and guiding them through problems. Mark has extraordinarily advanced knowledge and skill at all of this, and it is getting embedded into AlgebraVictory!.

The underlying cause of the Math Education Crisis is that VASTLY more pedagogical knowledge and skill is needed to teach algebra to the Middle 80% than is needed for teaching the Math-Smart 10%.

On the ‘Go Deep’ page is a pair of diagrams containing yellow and purple circles. They show the huge contrast in what is needed to teach these two groups of students. Thousands of math teachers have sufficient pedagogical knowledge and skill to teach the Math-Smart 10%—that’s the SMALL purple circle. They are GOOD TEACHERS for those students. But they can’t effectively teach the Middle 80%.

To resolve the Math Education Crisis in school classrooms, math teachers need deep professional training inside the BIG purple circle.

The big purple circle represents the pedagogical structure that underlies AlgebraVictory! Trail. A pair of future AlgebraVictory! products will empower teachers to successfully teach the Middle 80%:

  • AlgebraVictory! Teacher Training will teach math teachers the deep pedagogy, including how to use AlgebraVictory! in their classrooms; and
  • AlgebraVictory! Classroom will give teachers the in-classroom tool they need to put their training into practice by leading students up AlgebraVictory! Trail.

Become an AlgebraVictory!

Before we can release AlgebraVictory!, it must be tested. Our staff will do “alpha” testing, which checks hundreds of parts of the system to make sure they work. “Beta” testing is when real users try the system knowing they are participating in testing—when they find a problem or a bug, they report it to us so we can fix it. As one of our beta testers, you or child will be among the first to actually take the AlgebraVictory! course.

Help us make AlgebraVictory!
a mega-success.