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Become an Algebra Victory Beta-Tester

Beta testers will actually take the AlgebraVictory course. But they must understand they might encounter software bugs that interfere with their learning process. Testers must be able to keep a sharp division in their mind between two things they will be doing at the same time: (1) learning algebra; and (2) watching out for bugs and reporting them. Testers must also be patient, because we might have to stop the system to fix something, during which time it will not be available. Beta testers neither pay for their enrollment, nor do we pay beta testers.

Requirements for beta testers:

  • Testers must be good at following detailed written directions, step-by-step, including our testing procedures. (We might also create a video to explain how to test.)
  • Testers must be good at writing things precisely. This is because bug reports will be written into an online database, and the development staff will read those reports to fix the bugs. If the writing is sloppy or imprecise, it will be much harder for us to fix a bug.
  • Testers must be good at email communication and check their email regularly.
  • Testers must be willing to re-test something after it has been fixed.
  • Testers must sign a beta testing agreement, and if they are under 18, a parent must also sign it. (The agreement is not yet ready, but will include a requirement to keep certain parts of the system confidential before the time of product launch.)

How to become a beta tester:

Please Contact Us and let us know you or your child is interested in becoming a beta tester.

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